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Black Angel


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A Tribute Video to the Glam Rock Sex God
I usually reserve my blogs for writing purposes, but I really wanted to post the new video I made.

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Fantasy: Across a Crowded Room
I found this piece as I was browsing through the various files on my computer. I vaguely remember writing this a while back, but for whatever reason, I stopped and the piece was forgotten. I don't know what I was originally trying to convey with this but I wish I could remember so I could finish it. It just might be one of my favorite pieces. Perhaps one day I will finish it. Until then, I'm sorry about the all-too-short length and the abrupt finish but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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Farewell, Glam Nation

It’s a bittersweet day in the Adam Lambert world. After six months of almost nightly performances, complete with stunning vocals, outrageous antics, racing hearts, carefree dancing, continuous laughter, and overflowing love, the Glam Nation tour is coming to an end.


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Fantasy: A drive with Adam

Thanks @valleycard60 for the inspiration!

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"He's got man-hands, we can work with this!"

The title quote in this segment is my own, uttered as I gushed about this experience on Juneau and Xena's radio show Wednesday, October 6th. I was unable to go into full detail about my encounter with Adam because of time constraints, so I'm sharing all there is to share here. Thanks to Juneau/Xena for the bit about the microphone stand last year!


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Just a commentary on Adam's voice

I wrote a response to a segment of a review written by a professional opera singer from the UK (@Starlight8AL) after the NOLA show. Here's the segment, followed by my response:

Read more...Collapse ). At the same time, he's showing people what true vocal talent is, and I think we need that more than ever now.

Calling all Adam Lambert fans!
Hello all!

I have a new project in mind that I would like to work on, but I need your help.

Since the US leg of Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation tour is over, as a tribute, I would like to do a series of videos with the theme “The Best of Glam Nation”. Here’s where I need your help.

I’m looking for suggestions for themes. For example, we could go by song (Best Fever, Best Aftermath, Best 20th Century Boy, etc). Another thought is to have lots of fun and do things like “Best Adam Body Roll”, “Best Adommy moment”, “Best Brooke dance”, etc etc. Or we can do all of the above! The more the merrier, right?

Be creative and inventive, and feel free to share more than one idea! I’m open to ideas and suggestions. However, please don’t be offended if I don’t use your idea. Know that the effort is greatly appreciated. I also ask that if you have a specific performance(s) in mind, if possible, you send me the link(s) for the video(s) along with your suggestion for ease of reference. I will credit ideas wherever possible - we all need validation!

If this goes well and I get enough suggestions, I will post whatever topic I will work on, and then we can suggest and vote on our favorites. I would like to do top 5’s if possible. Of course, this is all up in the air and will depend on the feedback I get for this.

To contact me:
1. you can reply to this entry
2. you can email me:
3. you can tweet me: @Jesha84
4. you can reply on my tumblr:
5. you can send me a message on the fansite. I’m Jesha84 there.

Thanks in advance to everyone for their help! Let’s hope this all works well!

"Tongue Diving is the new Stage Diving. Get into it."
It's been about 10 hours since I had that first heart attack. Less time since my going back repeatedly for more. I have never had sex before, but I cannot imagine sex feeling much better than this. I don't smoke, but God, I needed a cigarette after that. Or an ocean of ice water to cool me down. I just had another shot and I'm still shaking. So forgive me if this entry seems a bit incoherent.
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"Unless you've got a suprise under that skirt I don't think it's happening."
(Before starting, I want to say that this has been so much fun! Thanks so much to my coworkers for the idea to do this daily Adam feed for you guys. Already I have regular readers who enjoy them so much. AQD will probably continue, but since today is the last day of my vacation, the "daily" thing may not work out so well. But I will do it often, rehashing old interviews and performances, writing fantasy-fueled descriptions of photoshoots. It's been a pleasure doing this!

My creative juices were spent last night wrting something for my West Coat Twitter Adam Lambert fans, so I'm taking the easy way out and just posting an interview today.)
Adam's second trip to the UK to promote the release of his "For Your Entertainment" album, Adam stopped by the studio of Justin Lee Collins for an interview. Clearly, the UK is the place where Adam's unashamed in-your-face personality can truly shine, where he can shed his filter (or what little one he has) and just say whatever he wants. I love this interview, for the fact that the interviewer is great, and that he makes Adam laugh several times. There's some banter with the audience as well, including a woman who was quite forward about her love for Adam. He replies with the above quote. Classic.

Here's the TV edited interview:

Here's the two part uncut interview:



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