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Black Angel


Light of the moon blocked
By soaring eagle wings
I beckoned, he came
Alighted with a grace and elegance
We didn’t know creation possessed

For a moment I stared
Wings iridescent black in the moonlight
Flashes of blue and green
Reminiscent of a forbidden love
I felt my heart beat
With the thrill of a discovery unintended
And a fear that he might vanish before my eyes

Bells of alarm rang in my head
His eyes were grey, dying in the darkness
Black tears down his cheeks,
A look of despair and surrender
And the more he fell at the feet of the dismal struggle,
The more the feathers lost their gleam
Slowly turning to ebony stone

I inquired, “Black angel,
Why do you cry?
Why does your voice fail to ring?
Why are you throwing your hands up,
And must your wings lock you in a tomb?
And why, black angel,
Why does your spirit die?”

He raised his eyes,
Light dim, salty tears falling to the ground
His voice low, desperate and forlorn
“I once shone brightly,” he began
“My wings glowed with a rainbow palate
And I sang with the stars in my heart
And the life-giving love for existing providing strength
I sought to share my inner sun with the world

“I sang from the highest cliffs, I sent notes on the clouds
Spread my love to the world
But the cold stones said to me, ‘We hear nothing but a vicious caterwauling!
Be gone with you, black angel!’
And the dead trees pointed knotted fingers to me,
And said, ‘Our saving light cannot come from you, black angel,
For no good can come out of a dark force like you!
To the sea with you!’
And the figures that walked with the gait of those who have already forfeited life
Said to me, ‘Had we the will, black angel, we would listen,
But the beasts, those stronger than us, they will do us harm
If we accept your light. Pass us by,
Show us mercy by withdrawing your hand.’

“You see, I have given all my light
Trying to save the world
That needed to be saved
But they don’t want me to save it
I am not the one they believe in
And so I am tired
For who will listen?
Who shall hear my message?
Where can one find light
For a black angel?”

I spoke to him, my heart heavy but hopeful
Saying, “Black angel,
It does not matter, the color of your feathers
For your light, though dim, still glows
I feel its heat, the fiery passion you possess
You mustn’t let it die,
For what would the world be without your song?
Stones have hardened their hearts,
So set in their inflexible paths
They see only what lies before them
And proudly wear their blinders
The dead trees, my dear, died from a fiery blaze
Their spirit gone and only bitterness resides in them
And the walking dead have not the will to stand on their own
And if they cannot find themselves,
How will they follow you?

“Do not bewail such losses, black angel,
For those are not the ones you can help
They wish not for it, and you cannot make them change
Focus on the seedlings,
The tiny new lives
The stones and trees and dead try to hide
They’re hard to see, black angel,
But they long to be seen and found
They have heard your song
They have grown on it, found their footing on the dusty ground
And raise their colored faces to the sky,
Wishing on stars and riding your clouds
Feel them, black angel,
Feel their undying love!
Sing your anthem, recite your psalm!
For it is them you empower,
And they are the ones
Who will outlast the stones and trees and dead.”

He looked at me, black tears gone,
And I watched as his light grew brighter
His plumage shimmered under the glow of the dying moon
And the colors of the approaching dawn
He stood slowly, closed his eyes, breathed deep
And sang

Oh his voice!
Yes, this is what we heard before the moon came,
Before the fire burned our hearts!
An aria of perfection, love,
Free from any prejudice, nay, even a mere preference!
The song the world has needed to hear,
The antidote to the silent, undetected poison!
Who of us knew we were dying?
Who of us knew we were in want of love?
Who of us realized there was more to the world,
More to ourselves?

He began to glow,
Feathers brightening,
Acquired countless hues and shades of the rainbow
He spread his wings wide,
Touching the corners of the globe,
His voice strengthening with each note he sang
And the flowers rose,
The sky lightened,
And with eyes newly opened,
The stones and trees and dead were suddenly out of sight

His voice stilled,
In the air was a silence
The world could hear
Waiting on baited breath
He said, “I was blind to you,
I allowed my vision to cloud
I forgot to ignore the hate
I lost the will to fight
I gave up the sun.
But never again
Will this black angel see what they see,
That no angel can be different from their white ones
Feathers bleached to blot out defects that can’t hide
I shall glow and not allow my ardor to fade.
Promise me that you will keep me
That I can come to you for strength.”
And a united chorus answered affirmatively.

With a smile, he took to flight
And the rainbow feathers disappeared
For he sings where we cannot see him
But his voice is always heard
Even when he is silent

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The words are beautiful, Jess. I think you painted a great picture of his rise from despair and depression to colorful joy. I'm glad u'r feeling inspired! :)

Absolutely gorgeous!! and so insightful <3 <3

wow this is amazing loved it

Wooooooooow, bb! Just, wow. This was *amazing*!!!! <3 <3 <3

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