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Respect the Talent
I'm in a good mood today, a GREAT mood, actually. One of those moods that laughs at things that I suppose are meant to be offensive but come across with such a measure of hilarity and are so preposterous that one wonders if the person saying such things really thought it through. In the fandom of Adam Lambert, we are exposed to such comments pretty regularly. Words and phrases like "over-the-top", "theatrical", and "flamboyant" are tossed around with the intent of turning us off to him, but in actuality, the opposite happens. In a classic post-Idol interview with EW's Michael Slezak, a smiling Adam himself said, "I deserve an eye roll now and then. I'm kind of ridiculous." We have learned to smile, nod, and shrug right along with him. Yeah, Adam's over-the-top. Yeah, he's ridiculous. Yeah, he's theatrical.

News Flash: That's the point.

It's what makes us love him more and more. If Adam was all of those things but took himself seriously, we would have no fun in this fandom. It's no fun thinking such things of an artist when they have every intention of hitting us in the heart and miss by miles. But making us cry or reinvent ourselves is not Adam's goal. He has one thing on his agenda, and that is to entertain the masses. Anything else is a pleasant bonus. Oh he likes that he has made his fans come out of their shells and wear crazy costumes and don makeup and glitter to feel sexy or just for the heck of it. But first and foremost, he's an entertainer, and entertaining is what he does best. The fact that Adam can laugh at himself and breaks into a silly grin after acting like the sex god he is makes him so endearing. But most of all, it makes him human. He's someone we can relate to and feel comfortable with. So when we hear such obvious comments about him, our reaction is a simple, "Yeah... and...?" It's like saying fish swim, birds fly, and fire burns. Nothing life-altering there.

There is, however, a remark about him that, unbelievably, still flies around with the intent of branding Adam as someone that has no business being who he is. I read a comment on my "Welcome to the Jungle" video on Youtube today: "He's gay this song isn't for him." It's this comment, my friends, that has brought about this little rant on my LiveJournal, for you see, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had to say.

Let's just look at the first two words, shall we? "He's gay." I laughed. I had to. I love how nearly two years after Rolling Stone, people still comment on Adam's sexuality like it's breaking news. I have a question for you, Youtube user: Is that supposed to surprise me? Are you enlightening me? Are you trying to wake me up from whatever trance I'm in and make me thing "Oh my God, he IS gay! What have I done?" Is it supposed to make me shiver in disgust and renounce this fandom, burn my many copies of FYE, tear up my posters, delete my pictures and videos from my computer? Are you trying to get me to focus on his sexuality and totally ignore the most beautiful, verstile, inhuman voice I've ever heard?

I ask, Youtube user, because if that was your intent, I am sorry to say, you failed miserably on all counts. As an avid Adam Lambert fan from his days on American Idol, I've followed him more closely and intensely than you would be comfortable knowing. Having done that, I am very well aware of Adam's sexuality. And you may be horrified to hear me say that I don't care. Who Adam sleeps with is irrelevant. It's not why I'm a fan. I'm a fan of his voice, his talent, his personality, his appearance, who he is as a person. I've seen him many times in concert, and not once have I ever had a train of thought that went "he's gay he's gay he's gay oh wow that note sounded good he's gay he's gay he's gay...." Nope, not once. I do recall thinking that I loved everything about his voice, his performance, and wishing it would never end, and trying desperately to burn the priceless images that were coming too fast into my brain forever. And I'm pretty sure that I can speak for the thousands of people who have seen him live when I say that none of us ever focused on the two words "he's gay".

Ok, let's move on to part two of the ignorant comment: "this song isn't for him." Now why is that, Youtube user? Your reason is quite relevant to me. I assume you are a Guns 'N Roses fan. Good for you. Now, some people have been offended that I made a fanvideo about a "pop star" using one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if that's the real reason for yours, I suppose I can understand the offense - that is, if you have failed to put forth the effort to see that Adam is indeed a rock star at heart. Have you seen any of his countless renditions of "Whole Lotta Love", particularly the ones he did on the American Idols Live tour, or the Fantasy Springs acoustic version? Have you heard him tackle "Purple Haze"? Or seen the classic pre-Idol performance of "Crawl Thru Fire"? If you haven't, I strongly urge you to do some research. Perhaps it will enlighten you, and you may come to understand why I felt "Welcome to the Jungle" was a perfect song choice for a fanvideo.

Now if the reason you're saying "this song isn't for him" is merely for the fact that Adam is gay, we have a problem. Why is it an issue, Youtube user? Is it because you believe such a masculine, hard-rocking tune can't be applied to any but the toughest, straightest, most manly of the human race? Where is that disclaimer? I must have missed it while Slash was mentoring and singing Adam's praises during Rock Week on American Idol. Yeah, that's right, Slash, the lengendary guitarist from Guns 'N Roses, who, ironically, sings the song used in the video you seem to have an issue with. Oh wait, you didn't know? Yeah, Slash totally backed Adam and thought he should do rock music on his album. Oh, and you know who else has backed Adam's rock vocals? Brian May from Queen, one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and more interestingly, the band who had another amazingly talented singer known as Freddie Mercury, who was quite flamboyant himself. After praising the power and depth in Adam's voice, Brian May said, "The world of rock has a bright new star." So again I ask you, Youtube user, why isn't "Welcome to the Jungle" a song for Adam?

I don't have a problem with people who don't like my videos. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion and I will not hold it against someone. My issue lies with the ignorant reasoning and the issues behind such comments. Such people are completely incognizant that it is Adam Lambert's talent, not his sexuality, that draws people to him. We couldn't care less that he's gay. It's only one aspect of his life, and it's not what he's here for.

Unfortunately, Youtube has not allowed me to post such a lengthy response to this ignoramous. So I condensed it as much as I could with this, and I think it's a good summary of my entire rant:

Don't like the vid? That's cool, you're entitled to your opinion. But don't base it on his irrelevant sexuality. Don't think that because the man is gay he doesn't deserve props for having some of the best rock vocals ever and can't be grouped with the legends. Adam's got a voice and natural talent that is so far above and beyond the cookie-cutter autotuned garbage that is tragically promoted these days. And that has nothing to do with the fact that he's gay. Respect the talent.

*End rant*

Enjoy the video!

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I wanna hear Welcome to the Jungle, just because it'll always be appropriate.

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